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Why, why! Why do you treat me like this?
The ways you talk, I guess ignorance is bliss.
Our friendship, it’s a dying forest,
Crashing, burning, I tried, but I missed.
You go, go! Stay with your riches and your becoming of fame.
When you mess up, you think I’ll be to blame.
How could I have been so stupid?
How could I have been so blind?
Your esteeming riches, your tainted mind.
How could I have not seen this?
Your new clothes, your new toys,
Your embezzled kiss, your new finds.
I’m starting to think,
You don’t even blink
When you know you’ve hurt me,
When you know you’ve lied.
I’m starting to think,
You know what you’ve done,
You know what happened,
You know your line.
When you find,
That you hurt us,
That you lied,
I think, you’ll see
What it’s like to be
Painful and unkind.
Painful and Unkind
I'm going through some stuff with a friend if you would read it it would be so awesome


United States

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Basic OC, just a sketch, no color
Group Picture
3 or more Basic Pony OCs
Basic Pony OC
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Custom pony OC Skywriter by furbyeater
1 OC of any choice, must include full body, pose preference, and cutie mark.


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